Project Description

Georgia Cartmell

Age 16, Birmingham

According to recent research by Girlguiding UK, girls are increasingly worried about how they look, and one in five primary school girls has dieted. I strongly believe that body confidence is one of the biggest challenges facing girls today, and I’m determined to do something about it. As a Guide, I’ve become a Peer Educator, delivering sessions to other girls on body confidence and self-esteem.

I’ve been able to give over 150 girls and young women the gift of body confidence, and inspire them to challenge the unrealistic and unhealthy images of women we so often see in the media. I’ve also trained other Guides to help deliver these sessions too, and I’m a Young Leader with Rainbows, where I try to be a good role model for girls aged 5‐7.

My social action experiences have helped me build leadership skills and confidence, but above all I’ve learnt how to be resilient. Recently, I had to have a serious leg operation so I was in hospital a lot. But rather than let it get me down, instead I decided to plan monthly Guide evenings at the hospital. It definitely took my mind off my leg! Next, I’m looking forward to training even more girls to be Peer Educators, so that we can reach as many girls as possible.

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