Project Description

George Townsend

Age 17, England

I’ve faced prejudice and discrimination consistently throughout my life, whether that be due to my age, disability, or sexual orientation, and it would be ignorant to say that this hasn’t influenced who I am today.
I think it’s fair to say that I’ve come extremely far, from being a timid and afraid young boy, to now representing other young people, on both a local and national scale.

My social action journey began back in primary school, where I was elected to the school council, presenting the views of my peers to senior staff, and implementing the changes that they wanted to see. I later joined the Scout movement, and at age 15, began volunteering with my local group as a Young Leader. My passion for making change was only enhanced during the COVID-19 pandemic, where I became a key member of my local council’s youth panel and SEND advisory group, as well as representing local organisations at events, conferences, and on the news. Presently, I am an ambassador for numerous charities, such as the Creative Youth Network in South Gloucestershire, as well as being a local journalist, campaigner, and advocate for youth voice, disability awareness, and mental health.