Project Description

Frances Fox

Age 20, England

When I was 17, I independently founded a global movement called Climate Live which today over 40 countries are a part of. I recruited people from all over the world, set up the structure and have been the one mainly managing it internationally ever since. This was all during my last year of high school, and when I finished, I started working on managing the whole movement full time in a volunteer capacity. Today it has become a well-known movement in the climate space and is supported by global NGOs, Greta Thunberg and other international celebrities. As a part of Climate Live, several countries have organised/held music climate action events back in April 2021 which has gained international publicity and on the 16th of October again over 30 countries will be doing music events for climate change. Greta Thunberg will be speaking at the Sweden Climate Live event. I started this movement because I saw that despite how much publicity Fridays For Future got in 2019, millions of people still don’t engage in taking climate action. Music is a powerful method to engage more people and enlarge the climate movement.