Project Description

Fran Oliver

Age 19, London

Life hasn’t been easy. Growing up, a family illness led to me taking more responsibility at home at quite a young age. It came at a difficult time and I fell in with the wrong crowd, ending up in an abusive relationship. It meant having to take a long-term absence from school, which really set me back and meant I was unemployed for a full two years after that. Partly because of all this I suffered from depression and anxiety. My confidence plummeted and I couldn’t imagine things getting better. More than once it reached a crisis point where I tried to commit suicide.

But slowly, over time, I found that I was starting to gain confidence again. Going to church helped, as did finding out about the Prince’s Trust. I had thought up a business idea to help other young people make the same strides in self-respect and confidence that I felt I was making, and the Prince’s Trust helped me get onto their enterprise course to make that dream a reality. Now, I’m nearing the launch of my own social enterprise – as well as pursuing a degree, working part-time, and volunteering at my church Streatham Baptise Church and Brixton prison. Things are working out, and although I’m probably busier than I’ve ever been before, somehow my life feels a lot less chaotic.

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