Project Description

Felix Schofield

Age 17, Scotland

In second year of high school, my school ran a program called YPI which had us working in groups of 4/5 to help win £3000 for a charity of our choice. We each made a presentation about a charity of our choice to tell the panel what they did, what they needed the money for and who they helped with their charity. We had to beat out each class to get to the school finals where we had our final presentation. I got to talk to the woman who ran the charity and hear from her about how many people they had helped. It gave me a true sense of accomplishment and I felt like I really could make a difference no matter how small of a difference it is. During my time I learnt how to sign a little bit and help to subtitle some videos as well. During the final some of our group members had to leave so I took charge in adjusting things for our other group members so that everything was accounted for even if we were missing a few people. This really boosted my confidence by presenting to a group of people and having to compete with just as worthy charities.