Project Description

Fatima Hydara

Age 19, England

My journey began when I became Cadet of the Year for South London. Having a platform to network and speak on a variety of matters effecting young people was incredibly rewarding. However, I soon realised not only was I one of very few BAME Cadets of the Year, but often the only ethnic minority in a room, and I knew it had to change. Throughout my time as a cadet, I then attended APPG discussions on knife crime and worked on helping develop the young responder’s program in various capacities. My love and passion for making a change for the future, is what continued to fuel my progression, not just within the organisation but as a person. In my opinion, I believe I was most successful in this, through my role on the London & South Regional Youth Forum, as a member and the Chair. Throughout my time on the Forum, we completed a variety of projects, such as Youth Forum Awards, Healthcare Careers Day, #AntiViralChallenge etc. My proudest achievement was contributing to the Youth Conference 2020, as watching young people from all works of life coming together to plan and execute an amazing day for young people gave me great satisfaction.