Project Description

Farouk Guthmy

Age 18, London

When I help out at the Sam and Annie Cohen Day Centre, an elderly care home, I can easily see the impact that my social action has. Just by organising what might seem like ordinary social gatherings at the Centre, I know that I’ve helped put a smile on someone’s face. But that’s just the start: when you spend time in great places like that, you soon realise just how many organisations there are that need help.

Just having a bit more social awareness allows me to make a huge difference to people’s lives, whether it’s at Newham City Farm, or a paediatric therapy centre in Dubai, where I led sports sessions for kids with Down’s syndrome. I really feel like I’m a part of these communities now.

Personally I feel empowered, more confident and far more resilient – those things that my teachers are always talking about! And now my friends are doing it too, we’re all making a huge difference to society in different ways.

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