Project Description

Fahim Zaman

Age 18, West Yorkshire

I first got involved in social action after attending We Day UK – Free The Children’s event at Wembley Arena aimed at inspiring young people to take part in social action. Hearing from incredible speakers about the difference they had made in the world motivated me to run campaigns at my school, raising over £3,000 last year to help provide food, water and education in poor communities around the world.

I’ve since held motivational assemblies and workshops at school to encourage more young people to take part in social action and urge them to make a difference in their communities. What’s more, I’ve just returned from an incredible volunteer trip to India to help build a school so that children overseas can have access to the opportunities that many of us here take for granted.

Now, social action is a huge part of my life. It’s taken me out of my comfort zone and transformed me as an individual, giving me an insight into the global issues faced by many today and the determination to not only empower those around me but also bring about positive social change.

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