Project Description

Emma­‐Jane Hampsheir-­Gill

Age 19, London

Since primary school, I have enjoyed connecting with others through social action, from the micro to the macro – from personal development to human rights. My faith also reminds me that we are all equally deserving, and so I should always do my best to help spread and facilitate opportunities for others wherever I can. It’s led me to become involved with St John Ambulance, a charity I now represent nationally. I’ve trained others in first aid and given them life‐saving skills, as well as acted as a mentor and helped young people develop the confidence to become leaders in their own right. I also deliver first aid both in day‐to‐day life and at public events.

Recently, I helped present at the Big First Aid Lesson with Claudia Winkleman – an amazing example of digital technology accessing many people nationwide. First aid training was streamed freely to schools and homes along with a live Twitter feed, reaching over 410,000 students!

Becoming involved with St John Ambulance has taught me not only first aid but also interpersonal and teamwork skills, as well as helping me to recognise my achievements and encouraging me to keep trying even when things are challenging. Being part of the charity has truly widened my horizons and made me appreciate the opportunities I have even more.

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