Project Description

Emily Erskine

Age 15, Scotland

I first got involved in social action 3 years ago when I joined my school’s all-girls coding club, which happen to be run by the charity DressCode aiming to get more young girls into STEM. I was then invited to help in the production of their promotional video and became incredibly invested in the cause. I began bringing friends along to meetings and encouraging everyone I could to take computing, which lead to me developing a close friendship group that revolved around STEM. Due to covid, there are no clubs currently running at my school, though I am now trying to find a way to start up the coding club again for a new set of girls to benefit from because clubs like these are essential for young girls. In my experience, I learned and grew my confidence, in a way I couldn’t have done without computing. I saw first-hand how much of an impact the club had as girls started to become more confident and are now doing computing for exams. I want to make sure all girls get the opportunity to learn and grow in an environment like that. I have now begun to work on an independent project aimed at girls of primary school age to introduce them to STEM earlier as I don’t want them to be discouraged from something because they’re a girl.