Project Description

Eddie Rose

Age 16, England

I first got involved in social action in year 8 (4 years ago) – I was voted Chair of our School Council and campaigned for school improvement. I took pride in championing the student voice to the Senior Leadership Team and facilitating meaningful conversations – ensuring that no idea, no matter how small, was not lost. We held the school accountable to their promises and made many changes.

I then applied for UNICEF UK’s national Youth Advisory Board and had the same empowering experience again – but different and eye-opening in other ways. At the Youth Board we implemented the #iwill Power of Youth Charter and advocated for UNICEF and child rights. I’m particularly proud of speaking on CBBC Newsround, petitioning the Government and working with young people from Australia. (

I’m also a leading activist in our local Rights Respecting Town initiative (the first in the country), which works to create a kinder, fairer and safer community. It’s rewarding to work so close to home.