Project Description

Dion Pearson

Age 10, West Midlands

When my older brother went to prison almost three years ago, it really knocked my confidence. But soon I realised that I could turn that feeling into something positive by keeping other children out of trouble, and it’s made a big difference to my life. I go to youth club now, and tell all my friends to come too to keep them off the streets. I’m also involved in Sport 4 Life, where we get to do loads of sport and make our area a safer place to be as well. I helped organise an anti-knife crime event through the Sport 4 Life UK Young Leaders project, which I really liked because I got to meet new people.

I’ve also been helping my local church with litter picking, which makes our community a lot nicer, and being out and about doing social action means other children have seen me doing a good thing and wanted to get involved themselves. I’m glad I got involved in social action, because it’s helped me get my confidence back and it’s a lot of fun too.

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