Project Description

Devan Witter

Age 17, East Yorkshire

I used to be bullied at school and found it a tough experience, partly because my teachers weren’t quite sure what to do to help me. Because of this I wanted to help other people who are being bullied, so I joined the BeatBullying Group aged 15. Now, I’m a volunteer mentor, using my own personal experiences of bullying to help others. Being involved has also led to me becoming a Young Ambassador for the charity, which has attracted lots of positive press coverage both for me and the campaign.

I’ve also been inspired to set up my own local anti-bullying project ( to provide people with information about bullying. Through this, I discovered Fixers, an organisation that helps sufferers from all sorts of problems. Along with Fixers I set up a website ( to provide information to teachers about bullying, and I also help my local council fight bullying in schools.

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