Project Description

Craig Bateman

Age 17, Worcestershire

Since the age of five I have been a member of the Boys’ Brigade, rising to a leadership role in recent years. I have completed the Queen’s Badge, the highest badge available in the Brigade. To complete this badge I took part in a ‘Building Your Skills’ course and helped out in my local community and church. I also organised a residential trip to the twin town of my hometown with five other young people.

The Boys’ Brigade inspired me to take action elsewhere in society. I have been a Member of Worcestershire Youth Cabinet since March 2013, which has led to further involvement in social action through YouthNet, Model Westminster, and Student Voice.

My public service has made me consider what my priorities are for young people today, and so I have adopted three election pledges: fairer public transport, tackling negative stereotypes, and providing greater opportunities to young people in the local community.

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