Project Description

 Cian Gullen

Age 17, Hawick, Scottish Borders

Often it can be really hard for young people in social action, as some adults don’t take us seriously. But my granny showed me that your age and gender should never be a barrier to your goals. My social action started with fundraising with my Guide unit at the age of 10, and I quickly decided that I wanted to help fund activities for young girls in my area.

It’s often difficult for young people who live in rural areas to participate in social action, but I managed to get involved in my local area. I was part of a young working group during the Vision 2014 local heritage project in Hawick, and alongside training to be a Young Leader with my local Guides, I’m a Member of the Scottish Youth Parliament and I form part of a volunteer group which organises an awards ceremony for young people in the Scottish Borders.

It was amazing to spend a year in the UK Youth Parliament, with the chance to represent young people to a wider range of decision makers. I used to be shy and inward and I would barely speak to anybody. Now I am able to speak in front of a room of 300 strangers to stand up for a minority group. I have a passion for change and that gives me a voice.

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