Project Description

Christina Arena

Age 20, England

I started volunteering when I was thirteen by becoming an Antibullying Ambassador for the Diana Award. Since then, I have grown more and more passionate about helping young people and those less fortunate. I have since become the vice chair for my local Youth Council. This allowed me to join meetings with decision makers to voice the concerns of young people directly. I have also set up my own campaign to provide for those less fortunate as well as fundraising for my local homeless charity.

Beyond helping those who are deprived, I am passionate about the environment. I helped run the UK Open Dialogues Conference, which educated people from across the country about climate change and involved discussions about ways that they can help save the environment. The data found from the conference is going into a report ready for COP26.

Finally, I am heavily involved in helping young people who were adversely affected by the pandemic. I worked alongside Oxford University and Youth Era to provide support and teach wellbeing skills to those affected.

I think it is incredibly important to inspire young people to believe that just because they don’t have a vote, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have a voice.