Project Description

Christian Webb

Age 19, Swansea

I’m a strong believer in the power of the voluntary sector in supporting marginalised people. As a volunteer for Stonewall Cymru, I’ve seen that in action: I spent a week helping out at the Eisteddfod, a Welsh national festival, to raise awareness of Stonewall Cymru’s work and to encourage passers-by to sign the ‘no bystanders pledge’, promising to report any homophobic hate crime against LGBT people. I blogged about it afterwards as well, to help spread the word. I’ve also volunteered for the Stonewall Information Service, signposting people to LGBT events and support groups across Wales.

I feel like social action has had an impact on me both personally and professionally. I’ve become a lot more confident, more passionate about issues I care about and more determined to make a difference, especially because I’ve seen the impact I can have. It’s also been a great opportunity for me to develop networks with people across the UK, and practise my public speaking skills – especially in Welsh!

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