Project Description

Chandni Patel

Age 17, London

I’ve been involved with the Frances Bardsley Autism and Disabilities Club for a few years now, volunteering at the RIEES Autism Club in my local area of Romford. I go to the club every Saturday – the 14 – 24 year olds who attend are some of the most socially vulnerable members of our community, and it’s a privilege to be able to help out.

As well as volunteering at the club, I work to raise the profile of autism in the community to encourage other people to volunteer or help out in other ways. I’ve taken part in lots of fundraising activities and I’ve been on the team which organises the annual Havering Autism Sunday Service at St. Alban’s Church in Romford for four years now.

My work with the Frances Bardsley Club and my local autism community has led to recognition as an Autism Ambassador for Frances Bardsley. Being an Autism Ambassador means an opportunity to give talks about my voluntary work, and particularly to encourage other Sixth Formers to get involved too. I’ll take over as President of the Club in September 2017, which will give me an even greater platform from which to raise awareness of autism in society, particularly amongst young people.

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