Project Description

Betsy Fricker

Age 16, England

I first got involved in social action when I raised money for a local hospice through selling old clothes, as I believe it is our job as young people to help older generations in our society. This led me to Oxgrow, a community garden I volunteered for over a year at, growing fruit and vegetables for a cafe that served the elderly.

Since year 7, I’ve been a member of school council (in year 11 additionally being voted in as house captain) where we have improved things like toilet hygiene, and introduced more recycling bins.

My main form of social action has been through music. Diversity and inclusivity in classical music is a message I’d like to share, ever since I took part in my local music service’s buddy choir in 2017, performing at the Royal Albert Hall and later at Blenheim Palace. I was partnered with two different children with special needs, who were inspirational and made me understand why we need more inclusivity within music. So, I started (and am currently) learning sign language, and volunteering in free periods to help teach music to those in year 7,8 and 9, as well as publishing a blog surrounding this issue.