Project Description

Bethany Griffin

Age 19, England

I have a dedication towards Social Action, I’m always looking for new opportunities, whether that’s for personal growth or simply to fulfil a passion of helping others.

My Social Action Journey mainly began during Lockdown. I grew up with Mental Health Issues and I feel that Social Action provides something positive to focus on and has allowed me to make a difference in the community, which always feels great.

I began Volunteering with Kissing It Better, a charity to end Isolation in the Elderly, which was especially important during Lockdown with them not having visitors. I also Volunteered at a local Food Bank, which was tough with seeing the basic necessities some people would be going without in a World of plenty, but both are definitely rewarding.

I have promoted Social Action across a few channels now such as on the Radio and to those with a “higher authority” within the Community & that will definitely continue.