Project Description

Ayrton Cable

Age 11, Greater London

I first decided to change the world when I saw Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ with my dad. I now spend most of my free time trying to help other people. I’m only 11 but I’ve already appeared in local and national newspapers and on local radio! At age 10 I became an ambassador for the charity TearFund which is trying to stop poverty around the world, and I travelled to Malawi to find out more. I think it’s a scandal that there’s enough food in the world for everyone, but that some people go to bed hungry or starving every night.

This led me to become an ambassador for The 100Hours, a campaign aiming to end world hunger. If it wasn’t for The 100Hours and TearFund, I would never have thought about starting my own campaign called ‘365 ways to change the world’, with the goal of bringing everyone’s attention to the plagues of factory farming and the use of conflict minerals. I want to stop the damage they cause to the world.

Since I started volunteering I’ve become a confident public speaker and someone who gains pleasure and a sense of achievement every time I encourage another young person, like me, to help to change the world.

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