Project Description

Avishka Attanayake

Age 14, Greater London

I used to be the kind of student who would blend into the background, but when I was 13 I started getting involved in the youth empowerment charity Free The Children. That’s when I changed. I helped out on different projects like ‘We Are Love’, selling badges to raise over £300 for schools in Haiti! Then there was ‘We Are Silent’, when I pledged a vow of silence to raise awareness about people whose free speech is denied around the world. I managed to get the whole of my school year to go silent – our teachers loved it!

I’m also involved with a local bus campaign that’s organised by several schools in my area. We’re trying to let people know about the dangers of buses – a lot of the students in my school take the bus, so we’re trying to make it safer for all of us. I even spoke to my local MP about the campaign!

I’ve improved in my own skills, too. I communicate better, I enjoy being a leader and working in a team, and I’m good at persuading my friends to give up their time as well. Social action has really changed who I am, let alone the lives of all the people I’ve helped!

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