Project Description

Astrud Turner

Age 16, Cumbria

I love volunteering and encouraging others to get involved too. I’m part of the Scouts and the Guides, where I’ve helped out in my local community and countryside, developing and preserving it, and raised money and awareness for charities. I also help increase awareness of Scouting in the local area, and I was proud to be part of Scouts Speak Up! in Manchester, where I got the chance to talk to MPs and councillors about issues that affect young people, and debate ways we can create positive change.

Talking about important issues is something I get to do a lot of as Chair of my School Council, where I regularly lead meetings and campaign on subjects that matter to our school and students – like getting a local bus shelter built.

Through getting involved and motivating others I’ve become much more confident and active, as well as getting to know some amazing people who are working towards the same goal.

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