Project Description

Ananya Anoop

Age 14, England

Social action has helped me stand up for issues I believe in, and show me what really Matters. I was not happy with the rules my school put in place for the girls so we decided to make a Difference! My social action began when my school banned tube skirts because it was a “distraction to learning”. Many of us thought it was not right that a piece of clothing would affect our education hence we peacefully protested to make a change by sticking up posters around the school saying “our uniform doesn’t affect our education” and within a few weeks our school recognised the issue at hand and made alterations to the rules. This inspired me to start looking for more opportunities to make any type of social change. I realised that it was our generation that was going to make these differences and I thought if we don’t do it who will. This really motivated me because we are in control of what change we can bring to this world, and really the future of the world is in our hands.