Project Description

Amelia Ireland

Age 24, England

I first got involved in social action whilst in primary school, where I took part in a variety of fundraising and volunteering initiatives, such as a sponsored walk to school, singing and speaking to elderly residents in the village hall, and litter picking in our village. I also chaired the school council, during which time my fellow council members and I established a stationery shop which both supplied pupils with essential supplies for school (particularly important in a rural area where the nearest shop was a 15-minute drive away) and raised money for a different local or national charity each term. These social actions helped a number of different local and national causes but also ensured a tidier local area, improved intergenerational relations and increased understanding of the importance of respecting and caring for the environment. This social action taught me to work in a team with my fellow school council members to manage a project from an initial idea to fulfilment, and ultimately these initial experiences of social action instilled in me the belief that anyone can take action to make a positive difference.