Project Description

Abigail D’Souza

Age: 18

Location: England – Greater London

I used to be so quiet, but taking part in social action has changed that completely. The girl who stuttered when she talked to new people has vanished. Now I speak out when I think something’s wrong. I’ve grown in confidence and I’m ready to be my authentic self.

I’m an open member of the LGBT+ community and have helped run the Pride Alliance at my school, Townley Grammar. When I came out to my form in a speech, I was loud and proud about my sexuality, even though not everyone backed me up.

Afterwards, many younger students said that my speech had made them feel better about themselves, and that really meant a lot to me. It made me realise that even small actions can have a big impact if they make a difference to other people’s lives.

I’ve been volunteering for Girlguiding since I was 14 and the organisation has always encouraged me to speak out about my views. I currently volunteer as a Brownie leader, Guide leader and as a member of their Advocate panel, which has led to me having articles published and speaking at a ‘Women in Tech’ event last year.

I’m constantly looking for any areas where I can use my power as a prefect, a young leader and an advocate to make changes for the better. And I always sign petitions for issues that I’m passionate about. Voting for the first time this year was particularly exciting, too!

Social action is important to me because if I don’t make the changes I want to see in the world, who will? I think it’s a privilege to be able to stand up and speak out about things that matter. That’s why I’ll always say yes to any form of social advocacy and action.

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