Project Description

Abbie-Rose Reddington

Age 18, Norfolk

I am registered blind, and there used to be very little awareness of blindness in my local community. I particularly noticed that the public transport provision in my area, which I and many other registered blind people rely on to get around, was not well-adapted for people with visual impairments.

As good public transport is so vital for people to be able to get out into the local community, I decided to campaign and raise awareness around how councils can adapt transport to suit the needs of visually-impaired people. Along with my family, I lobbied for talking buses in the city of Norwich, which are now in use and benefitting the community there.

My successful campaign inspired me to get more involved in social action – I’ve also taken part in sponsored walks to fundraise for Brittle Bone disease. I’m always looking for new ways I can create a positive impact in my community.

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