Project Description

 Abbey Harwood

Age 14, Barnstaple, Devon

After bad experiences at primary school, when I moved up to secondary school I decided that I’d try and offer help to other children and adults who needed it. I started out fundraising for Devon Air Ambulance, because my Grandad had been airlifted when he’d had a heart attack.

To start with, it was hard to organise fundraising events, particularly with managing all the people who wanted to help. It was also really scary at first to talk in front of the whole school to motivate them to take part, but it’s helped my confidence so much as time has gone past and I’ve gained more experience. I’ve recently set up the school newspaper, which I hope will help inspire others to express themselves.

The Devon Air Ambulance Charity has now asked me if I’d like to become an Ambassador, which would involve going to other schools to encourage them to fundraise too. Getting more involved with my local community has also led to me setting up a Youth Council to work alongside our Parish Council and reaching out to older people in the area to talk about their memories of our school and village. We’re also recording memories being made now, so they’ll be available to our community for years to come.

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