Project Description

Saeed Atcha

Age 18, Greater Manchester

At the age of 15 I set up Xplode Magazine Bolton with the aim of increasing the positive press surrounding young people. At the time, over half of the press coverage surrounding young people was negative. I decided to do something about it. In September 2011 I got a group of friends together to change these negative stereotypes – locally, at least. Young people are brimming with enthusiasm, drive and talent – why make us invisible? At Xplode we encourage a positive mindset: our motto for young people is ‘I can!’.

We foster this mindset throughout the organisation, and now, Xplode is a registered charity which advances the education of young people in Bolton and Greater Manchester. Xplode has helped 66 young people gain skills over the past 12 months and achieve their potential.

As Managing Director and Chair of Xplode, I manage a team of hardworking and talented volunteers, and I’m really proud to work alongside them.

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