North Hertfordshire College develops projects and activities that improve the lives of local residents while providing an opportunity for our students to make a positive contribution to their local community.

In 2018 we collaborated with the Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue (HFRS) service to design and produce their Drink Drive Campaign. HFRS staff worked with students to create potential campaign slogans, with the winning slogan selected by HFRS. To show people the impact of drink driving, the students sprayed their winning slogan onto a used ‘crash’ car outside Stevenage fire station on a primary commuter road, where it was displayed throughout Christmas.

Julie Springett, Fire Prevention Coordinator at Herts Fire and Rescue Services said ““Our initiative with North Hertfordshire College formed a central part of the drink drive campaign over Christmas. The students were incredibly professional throughout, and injected the campaign with real energy and creativity.

“The finished project was widely praised by colleagues and external partners, and most importantly helped contribute to a reduction in drink driving incidents over the campaign period.”

We’ve also forged a successful partnership with Letchworth Heritage Foundation and our local family attraction, Standalone Farm. We’ve worked with the farm over a number of years on the ‘Fun at the Farm’ project. The project invites students from a range of curriculum areas to take over the farm for a day and provide activities for visitors.

Students have organised a real range of events, such as treasure hunts, sports activities, sing-a-longs, arts and crafts and performance storytelling. The project draws volunteers from right across the college – including childcare, health and social care, business, art and design and travel and tourism.

Karen Hyland, Childcare Lecturer said: “We love being involved in the Standalone Farm ‘Fun at the Farm’ events each year. The students grow in confidence working with the public and the local children get to experience something fun and engaging. It is so beneficial for the students to give back to their community and gives them a sense of achievement in their work”

Jodi White, Childcare Student said: “It’s great seeing the children’s faces light up when they see the story being acted out. They are so into the performance and afterwards during the arts and crafts they talk to us about their nursery. I felt really happy after the event and I’m glad I did it. It helped build my confidence speaking in front of children and made me realise that I could do it. I would definitely do it again!”