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Naomi Lea


20 year old, Naomi Lea is a Psychology student living in Wales. Naomi is an #iwill ambassador and has been participating in social action since she was around 6 years old. Naomi is a young people’s mental health campaigner and is passionate about ensuring the voices of young people are involved at all levels of organisations, especially those who support young people. Naomi has participated in social action with many organisations including NSPCC, Childline and YoungMinds to both support others and embed the views of young people into their structures.

Naomi has experience of anxiety and panic attacks and often shares her story of recovery and the role social action in that, at events and in the media. She set up her own mental health project “Spot the Signs – Adnabod yr Arwyddion” in 2015, to deliver workshops and information to young people and those around them on how to spot the signs of mental health problems and how they can support each other. She was awarded the Prime Minister’s Points of Light award in recognition of her contribution to the sector.

Speaking about her appointment Naomi said: “Social Action truly turned my life around when I was struggling the most and I’m really honoured to be a part of an organisation that is working so hard to ensure all young people have that same opportunity. I hope that I’ll be able to use the knowledge I’ve gained to make our goals a reality for as many young people as possible by 2020”