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YOU London

YOU London

  • To explicitly ensure that young people taking part in programmes organised by our members know that they’re taking part in youth social action to ensure they can recognise the double benefit.
  • To embed the six quality principles of youth social action provision into our communication to members, to ensure that every young person has a great experience.
  • To celebrate young people who are taking a lead in developing youth social action and ensure young people have a voice in decision making.
  • To nominate young people as  #iwill ambassadors to represent the work they’ve done through our members.
  • To act as an ambassador for the #iwill campaign, encouraging members to pledge their support to the campaign and be involved in supporting youth social action.
YOU London made it's pledge on 8th October 2015 having identified that all 10 of the partner members were regularly engaged in social action of all types. Our pledge was made in a very public way, by HM Lord-Lieutenant of Greater London on behalf of YOU London and in front of a large and influential audience. This was and is well publicised in internal comms, magazines and digital media. Encouraging and helping those groups to recognise and celebrate their community engagement activity, is a key task for YOU London. We have adopted the #iwill logo on our social media and will include regular reports in our YOU London News. The #iwill campaign will be a standing item at YOU London Board meeting and Development Workers meeting.
Quote from Cadet Force Adult Volunteer Richard Angel, on receiving the Prime Ministers Point of Light Award for his actions
"It's a real privilege to be receiving this award. Volunteering is a huge part of my life, and when I saw a man collapsed at the side of the road I didn't think twice about doing everything I could to help him. I hope this story and award encourages other people to do the same if they're ever caught in a similar situation"