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Volunteering Matters

Volunteering Matters

Volunteering Matters is a proud supporter of the #iwill campaign.  We are committed to ensuring that as many young people as possible benefit from participating in meaningful youth social action, which includes volunteering. This past year we have enabled 1,408 young volunteers and reached a further 3,873 young people as beneficiaries of our work. We have refreshed our Full Time Volunteering offer for young people, and launched Revolution You – a national campaign to inform and inspire young people in the UK about the potential of Full Time Volunteering.

Our own corporate strategy spells out our commitment to ways of working that embody good practice in social action.  As an organisation, we see our volunteers as our partners, who work with us and with our beneficiaries to co-produce great programmes.  In our work with young people, that means support for peer-learning.  For example, our WASSUP programme in Suffolk worked with young women from more newly arrived communities to create a programme that challenged domestic violence and sexual abuse.  In Wales, our SAFE project supports young women with a learning need or disability to identify appropriate and safe relationships.

Over the next year we want to utilize our new impact framework to enable us to know the social and economic background of our volunteers.  With this data, we will be able to track over time whether we are on course to meet our commitment to involve a proportionately greater number of people from disadvantaged communities. We will be revisiting Youth Social Action in Health and Care Toolkit  in 2018, refreshing it and relaunching it as our joint contribution to NHS70 celebrations.

Over the last year, Volunteering Matters committed to inspiring more young people to play an active role in building strong and inclusive communities through high quality social action that benefits themselves and society as a whole.

In 2017, we involved over 250 young people in social action in Hackney, Harringey, Tower Hamlets, Ipswich and Torfaen, South Wales.

We engaged some of the most disadvantaged young people in social action, including unaccompanied young asylum seekers.

We launched a campaign to increase the numbers of youth people involved in our Full Time Volunteering programme, which offers a unique opportunity for young people to live away from home for 6-12 months while taking part in a worthwhile programme to support disadvantaged people and communities.


Quote from Oonagh Aitken, Chief Executive
“We believe that volunteering and social action is vital in addressing the challenging environment that many young people face in their transition to adulthood. Volunteering ensures young people make a huge difference in their communities and gain future employability and life skills whilst building their confidence and meeting new people. We are very proud of our young volunteers who help people with physical or learning disabilities, befriend older and socially isolated people and promote health messages within their community”