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Volunteering Matters

Volunteering Matters

Volunteering Matters commits to inspiring more young people to play an active role in building strong and inclusive communities through high quality social action that benefits themselves and society as a whole.

In 2017, we plan to:
Involve over 250 young people in social action in Hackney, Harringey, Tower Hamlets, Ipswich and Torfaen, South Wales.

Engage some of the most disadvantaged young people in social action, including unaccompanied young asylum seekers.

Launch a campaign to increase the numbers of youth people involved in our Full Time Volunteering programme, which offers a unique opportunity for young people to live away from home for 6-12 months while taking part in a worthwhile programme to support disadvantaged people and communities.

Over the last year, Volunteering Matters has enabled over 1900 young people to make a difference to their lives and communities through volunteering. Our experienced staff have trained and supported young people to lead their own volunteering projects, in order to build skills and confidence. Young volunteers have helped people with physical or learning disabilities, befriended older and socially isolated people and promoted health messages within their community.  For example, Sex Matters Too is our award winning programme in Tofaen, South Wales, where young volunteers design and deliver workshops on safe sex and healthy relationships for their peers.


Quote from Oonagh Aitken, Chief Executive
“We believe that volunteering and social action is vital in addressing the challenging environment that many young people face in their transition to adulthood. Volunteering ensures young people make a huge difference in their communities and gain future employability and life skills whilst building their confidence and meeting new people. We are very proud of our young volunteers who help people with physical or learning disabilities, befriend older and socially isolated people and promote health messages within their community”