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Medway Youth Trust

Medway Youth Trust

  • A working group will be developed alongside the Medway Youth Trust (MYT) Youth Forum to ensure that young people take an active lead in identifying and encouraging potential social action opportunities.
  • New Social Action Pioneer roles will be created that provide an opportunity for young people to bring about change in the communities that they work and live in through championing the double benefit of social action. These roles will also create mechanisms to ensure critical reflection is thoroughly embedded in the social action journey and measured against the six principles of social action.
  • MYT to invite local schools (primary and secondary) to take part in a pilot that helps to embed social action into the curriculum.
  • To support 200 young people during 2015 to participate in bringing about changes they would like through social action.
  • All staff are given the opportunity to support on one social action project per year and are actively encouraged to suggest new opportunities.
  • Actively market the double benefit to other local employers to utilise their corporate volunteering in supporting social action.
  • Work in partnership with Medway Voluntary Action to provide more structured and progressive opportunities for the local community to have an impact on the future.
  • To encourage small scale social action activities within harder to reach groups and communities.
  • To extend our social action participation and activity beyond our immediate vicinity by giving local young people the opportunity to design and carry out international social action projects in a developing country.

271 young people have taken part in social action projects with an additional 258 young people being involved in youth participation opportunities within MYT service development including Trustee roles. This included the launch of our Social Action Pioneer role which is a peer led role that encourages social action within schools and communities, and 32 young people taking an active role in our recruitment process.

A new role of Assistant Head of Social Action now supports strategic and operational goals.

33 adults have volunteered their time to enable young people to take part in social action.

13 young people successfully raised over £20,000 to fund a trip to Columbia where they supported in a school, dairy farm and coffee farm.

A targeted SEN social action group has been formed to give young people with additional needs the opportunity to develop employment and leadership skills whilst improving the lives of local families.


Quote from Simone Miles, Deputy CEO
“Social Action has a significant impact on many young people in Medway. By completing a social action project, young people develop many skills. These include team building, confidence, self esteem and practical skills. Young people tell MYT that the concept of giving back to the community and helping people to improve their surroundings is very rewarding. MYT see young people flourish when participating in Social Action, enjoying the ability to make a real difference to the community around them. Social Action is a great way to not only help young people gain new skills but to also make a real difference in the community “