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The EFL Trust

The EFL Trust

The EFL Trust will step up by supporting the community trusts based in the 72 professional football clubs of the EFL Trust to create more opportunities for youth social action.

We will do this through working to increase the numbers of trusts involved in NCS and the subsequent numbers of young people participating in NCS, and also help identify new opportunities for youth volunteering.

We will recognise the achievements of our trusts in doing this, share good practice to continually improve youth social action opportunities and promote the virtues of youth social action to our partners and across our networks.

The EFL Trust continues to deliver large numbers on NCS, with more of our trusts involved than ever before. The opportunities this brings for youth social action continually demonstrate our trusts’ ability to engage young people and inspire them to participate in community action.

Through our network, we offer regular opportunities for sharing good practice at regional and national meetings: we will continue to use these forums to exchange ideas on social action and volunteering.

In the last 3 months we have employed a new Youth Engagement Officer who will lead on enhancing the NCS graduate offer, and supporting our local trusts and partners to run effective Youth Boards: we have high hopes that this will stimulate more and more youth social action.


Quote from Mike Evans, EFL Trust Director of Operations
“Inspiring young people to get involved in their local communities is fundemental to The EFL Trusts objectives to inspire young people to reach their potential, and to become responsible members of society. We will continue to ‘Step Up’ and increase young people’s skills and opportunities as part of #iwill and our own organisation’s aspirations”