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The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scotland

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scotland

  • Work with the #iwill team on a call to action the extra adult volunteers who would be needed to join our partner organisations in order to support that volume of participants.
  • Grow the availability of the DofE programme so that every young person who wants to do their DofE has the opportunity to take part.
  • We are growing the number of centres offering The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) year on year, and by 2020 we aim to offer the DofE in every learning community in Scotland. By increasing the number of opportunities for young people to do their DofE, more young people take part in social action through their Volunteering section.
  • Nearly 21,000 young people started a DofE programme in Scotland in 2015/16 and they contributed nearly 500,000 hours of volunteering as part of their programme.

We’ve just pledged to the #iwill campaign in November 2016, watch this space for our updates on how we do!


Quote from Barry Fisher, Director at DofE Scotland

“Volunteering is a core part of the DofE programme, both for the young people who volunteer in their community as part of their DofE, and for the thousands of adults who donate their time to making the DofE possible. This has a lasting impact on the young people, adult volunteers, and the community at large. Many young people see the value of volunteering their time and they continue to do so past the end of their DofE programme. This commitment to giving back is recognised by educators and employers alike as a valuable activity which demonstrates the skills and attributes a young person has to offer, such as team working, resilience and drive.”