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The Challenge

The Challenge

  • By 2020 The Challenge will connect and inspire over 185,000 young people from different backgrounds to strengthen their local community through social action

Over the last 12 months, The Challenge has engaged almost 30,000 young people in social action.  As well as supporting and enabling the great work of the NCS Trust, we have expanded and grown the HeadStart programme.  This exciting new programme has grown by almost 4 times in one year and is now serving almost 3,000 young people each year.  With the fantastic support of Team London and the GLA and our amazing partners (New Look, Starbucks, Bloomberg, Berkeley Homes, Zendesk, Lloyds Banking Group, Heathrow Community Fund, the Department for Education) we have been able to guarantee every young person who starts volunteering an interview for a part time job.  As a result almost 60,000 additional hours of volunteering have been achieved from this one new programme.  With the great support of the Social Business Trust, we have also designed a plan to grow HeadStart even more over the next few years.


Quote from Charlotte Hill, CEO at Step Up To Serve
“The #iwill campaign is driven by leaders from across society who are committed to making youth social action a normal part of growing up in the UK.
We know that young people want to play an active part in improving their communities, and that in doing so, they develop their own skills for work and life.
Over 350 cross-sector organisations so far have pledged to support youth social action, and say #iwill. What will you do?”