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The British Safety Council

The British Safety Council

The British Safety Council will support organisations to address concerns about health and safety they believe stops them engaging young people in social action, using our experience to promote a message that sensible risk management is simple, is not a barrier and actually enables volunteering. We will do this through:

  • Refresh and update our resources and materials aimed at organisations to help them appropriately manage health and safety concerns
  • Update our guidance aimed at young people to help them make appropriate decisions about risk when undertaking their own social action opportunities
  • Highlight the work of the campaign with our member organisations to act as an advocate for the role of youth social action and the part they can play in supporting activity

Lynda Armstrong, Chair of Trustees of the British Safety Council, has publicly pledged support for the #iwill campaign, and this has also been promoted through our social media channels. We have spoken to voluntary organisations to find out more about how health and safety might be a barrier for adults who want to encourage youth social action.

We have learnt that some adults who are new to organising young people into social action might have fears about health and safety. We were also told that some parents, and other authority figures, can also be quite risk averse when it comes to young people.

To counter this perception, the British Safety Council has developed a set of web-resources with fact sheets on health and safety, what the law actually says, a simple approach to assessing risks, advice on risk factors associated with young people and how best to communicate these issues with young people.

We have also produced an animation video with a message that adults should trust young people, that the UK is a pretty safe place to volunteer and that more significant risks can be simply dealt with. We are also planning videos to show that health and safety fears should not get in the way of allowing young people to develop and learn.

We have also presented this work – and the #iwill campaign – through our conferences and seminars, and informed our 6,000 strong corporate membership base.


Quote from Mike Robinson, Chief Executive of the British Safety Council
“I’m really delighted the British Safety Council is involved in this brilliant campaign. I want to counter any idea that health and safety is something to fear”