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Sports Leaders UK

Sports Leaders UK

  • Having successfully achieved our original pledge, we now pledge to aim to increase the number of hours of voluntary activity leadership by young people in their communities to 5 million hours by 2020.

Following our updated pledge in March 2016, we are now able to report that the first year of our updated pledge to see 5 million voluntary hours of activity leadership delivered in communities by 2020 has gone fantastically well.

As of April 2017, we have now facilitated 1.6 million hours of youth volunteering. That is the equivalent of 180 years’ worth of volunteering in one year! In addition to voluntary hours being delivered in the community, we are also working on a number of projects that are looking to further recognise the impact and benefits of recognised leadership skill development and community volunteering. Last year, 83% of our qualified leaders said that they wanted to do more in their community as a result of taking a leadership qualification and 87% were more inspired to get more people engaged in activities.  We believe that as well as the community volunteering benefits, a dual benefit exists in learners/volunteers becoming more qualified and employable through leadership skill development and we are looking to recognise this further in the future.

Our progress against our original pledge was hugely successful. We had originally pledged to increase the number of hours of voluntary leadership activity from 500,000 a year to 1million by 2020. However, by mid-2015 we had already reached over 1.6million hours for the year. This success has also coincided with us undertaking some research alongside the Institute for Voluntary Research which has concluded that 80% of qualified Sports Leaders said that a direct impact of taking their Sports Leaders UK qualification was that they were more likely to help their community whilst 80% also said that becoming a Sports Leader has helped others to become more active. This is a fantastic demonstration of the impact leadership can have on encouraging social action and volunteering.

Therefore, we have taken the decision to update our pledge to now aim to increase the number of hours of voluntary activity leadership by young people in their communities to 5 million hours by 2020.


Quote from Richard Norman, CEO at Sports Leaders UK
“We are delighted that our pledge to continue supporting the delivery of positive social action has been so successful to date and that so many young people going through our qualifications are going on to deliver so much more in their local communities. We are excited at the challenge of delivering on our latest pledge alongside our partners at Step Up To Serve and look forward to playing such a positive role in recognising and championing youth leadership and social action in the future”