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Sheffield United Community Foundation

Sheffield United Community Foundation

  • Work with young people to develop a plan to achieve an increase in youth social action in local communities, supporting young people to organise projects, and monitoring our progress.
  • Make it easier for all young people to find opportunities to take part in local social action and removing barriers to participating.
  • Work with our partners – businesses, voluntary and community groups, schools, colleges and others to promote quality social action for all young people and to enable more high quality social action opportunities.
  • Be creative, ambitious and innovative in our approach and challenge how we work so that young people are actively involved in our organisation and the community.

This year our NCS programme have worked with 571 young people, investing over £7000 in social action projects with an incredible 17,130 hours of volunteering across the three programmes.
We currently have 49 young people on our Coaches Academy programme which provides those who aspire to be coaches and/or PE teachers with valuable coaching experience in primary school curriculum and extra-curricular sessions.


Mark Todd – Head of Community Foundation

“Sheffield United Community Foundation are wholly committed to inspiring young people’s future through a meaningful volunteer and social action programme that enables them to contribute positively into the communities we serve.”