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Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

RCPCH pledges to involve children and young people to “educate, collaborate, engage and change” through sharing their voice and views to shape child health policy and practice.
We will do this by;
  • Informing children and young people about their rights to be involved and sharing information on opportunities
  • Consulting with children and young people on health topics, policy and finding out what is important to them
  • Involving children and young people in creating solutions through projects, training peers and staff and having the space and support to try new ideas
  • Representing their voices, views and ideas, supporting children and young people to meet with decision makers to influence the future of child health
  • We pledge to support children and young people by offering a platform through the & Us Network to develop their skills and knowledge, supporting their future goals and ambitions.

We’ve just pledged to the #iwill campaign in November 2016, watch this space for our updates on how we do!


Quote from Charlotte Hill, CEO at Step Up To Serve
“The #iwill campaign is driven by leaders from across society who are committed to making youth social action a normal part of growing up in the UK.
We know that young people want to play an active part in improving their communities, and that in doing so, they develop their own skills for work and life.
Over 600 cross-sector organisations so far have pledged to support youth social action, and say #iwill. What will you do?”