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Participation People

Participation People

  • Participation People pledge to empower and inspire young people to take part in social action projects across the UK.
  • #wewill work with 10,000 more young people and adult decision-makers in 2015.
  • Each young person we work with will see the tangible and positive impact they have in their communities.
  • #wewill show communities the positive and meaningful impact young people have made too.
  • We promise to share our energy, resources, expertise and the #youthvoice FUN!
Participation People will: 1. Empower and inspire 50,000 young people to take action in their communities. 2. Train and support adults to empower and inspire 20,000 young people to take action within their organisations. 3. Collate 5,000 #SelfiePledges to ensure young people have an even LOUDER voice in their communities. 4. Have a lot of fun in the process!
Quote from Marc Dataro, Chair of Wandsworth Youth Council
"Participation People are a fantastic organisation. They have helped me for the past 2 years to develop lots of skills. I've represented Wandsworth not just on a local level but on a national level. Working with Participation People has given me the confidence to apply to the University of Oxford to study PPE this year; at the end of the day, they have delivered me the 3 P's: passion, progress, and prospects!"