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MND Association

MND Association

The MND Association recognises the often untapped power and influence for change that young people hold.

  • We pledge to quadruple the number of young volunteers involved in social action, campaigning and raising awareness of MND and the work of the Association before 2020.
  • We will provide tailored social action opportunities, and a chance to develop and practice new skills.

We recently launched a new volunteering initiative, STRONG.

It focuses around short term, ad-hoc volunteering opportunities which fit in with the student or working lifestyle.

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Case Studies

1. Vicky Paeschel
Vicky has personal experience of motor neurone disease after losing her mother to the disease. Vicky was 18 at the time and as well as helping to look after her 5 younger siblings, she was the main carer for her Mum. The family weren’t aware of Vicky’s Mum’s diagnosis until after she had died. At the time Vicky and her family lived in Switzerland, but 10 years later, now residing in Sheffield she decided to take action and get involved in volunteering. Her energy, commitment and enthusiasm is contagious. As well as her fundraising activities, Vicky has joined the committee of her local volunteering branch and is already creating lots of awareness raising opportunities in her local area.

2. Joanna Brecher
During her fourth year as a medical student, Joanna was in the room when a patient was diagnosed with motor neurone disease. This experience struck a chord with Joanna and after later attending an MND education session at her teaching hospital, she felt so moved that she instantly wanted to take action. Soon after Joanna started volunteering for her local volunteering group, to help people affected by MND locally.