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Layton Juniors Football Club

Layton Juniors Football Club

  • Continue to promote coaching, becoming a referee and developing our club through our established youth committee.
    We pledge to encourage young players to value the great work young volunteers do.

Respect education is key to the success of the club. Most importantly, players should be aware of the behaviour they should show to, and receive from, other teams. If these standards are not met this is reported back to the welfare officer, who will then raise the issue with other clubs.

We were recognised by our county FA as being the first team in Lancashire to have a youth committee. In an on-going piece of work, our benchmark was promoted by the county FA to encourage other clubs to do the same across the county. Additionally, we ask all our players, via our two youth committee members, whether they feel safe at football and what could we do better in football?

We have put Friday night free football education in to our development plan, and this will launch in the summer. In addition we support leadership for our young people, placing our junior coaches onto courses, such as JFO and Junior Referees, to enhance their development.


Quote from Layton Juniors Football Club
“Layton Juniors FC have a responsibility to all their players to ensure they grow in to responsible adults with a social conscience”