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King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

  • Commits to offering meaningful volunteering opportunities to young people across our hospital sites. In exchange for their time and commitment, King’s promises to offer training and development to young people, offering roles which are beneficial to their future goals.
  • King’s will ensure that all opportunities are mutually beneficial for young people, our hospitals and our patients.

We’re still working on our pledge to the #iwill campaign. Next progress update is coming soon, so watch this space!


Quote from young volunteers
“I got to meet a lot of different people from a wide range of backgrounds and I learnt how to  be able to talk with them and have a normal conversation with them despite them having very serious health problems which could potentially be awkward and make them feel uncomfortable. I developed my soft people’s skills such as listening skills and communications skills and also as  it’s the closest thing I have to a job it taught me responsibility as I had jobs to carry out and had to arrive on time etc.”

“Thank you very much for this opportunity, as not only has it been an amazing experience into how much anyone can do for a sick person; but it has also confirmed my decision to enter the Medical sector.”

“I am very thankful to King’s College Volunteers for giving me the opportunity to volunteer with them. I have had an incredible experience volunteering at the hospital and the staff at the hospital were extremely friendly which has made my experience even more enjoyable.”