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James Cathcart

James Cathcart

“I will support the #iwill campaign in 2017’18 by using my experience as a former CEO of the British Youth Council to embed the #iwill campaign’s principle of youth-led social action into practice by empowering young people to become Trustees, Directors, Campaigners and Leaders of social action – through mentoring and training.

This offer includes the #iwill Ambassadors and representatives of the #iwill campaign itself but also targets organisations and partners who want to empower young people in their decision-making at all levels. I also pledge to work voluntarily as an informal ambassador for the #iwill campaign – encouraging more opportunities to be pledged, recognising those who do, and celebrating the achievements of young people in their communities”

Update Jan17- Jan 18

In early 2017 I founded the Young Voices Heard initiative to promote, support and celebrate young people’s input into social action and decision making. Young people inspire and advise the project, which provides pro bono support of my #iwill pledge, and so far has

  • Campaigned for/Supported the inclusion of youth trustees in relevant Boardrooms e.g. National Citizen Service 2018
  • Provided one-to-one support to several individual #youthsocialaction ambassadors/champions
  • Recognised/Nominated individual campaigners  e.g. Jack Welch Winner of CYPN champion award 2017
  • Provided time to support to #youthled campaigns e.g. UK Youth Parliament, Kent Youth Council
  • Submitted written evidence to YouthSocial Action review on FT volunteering, Lords Committee on Citizenship. Organisations
  • Provided advice to the  #iwill campaign to enable #youthled input
  • Promoted #iwill as an informal ambassador on Twitter, at Events and in meetings with politicians/stakeholders and potential new partners

I plan to continue to offer pro bono support, but will review the goals  in 2018. Im always interested in partnership, so please get in touch if you can help/need help on the youthled/youthvoice element of #iwill campaign.


“When I was young I was inspired by role models, and supported by mentors to take action as a volunteer, and I subsequently made a career of empowering others to do the same. So share the fruits of your success by investing your time, skills and money in providing an opportunity for a young person to become an ‘actioneer’ today! #idid #iwillagain #willu?”