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As an organisation delivering a range of youth social action projects, our ultimate goal is to represent the voices of young people and provide a platform for them to effectively participate on matters affecting our society. IPYG believes that in order to progress real solutions for peace and conflict resolution, every section of the society must participate and as young people carry the voices of the future, they should be included in building the solutions.

IPYG pledge:

  • We pledge to encourage the youth to harness their creativity and energy to think outside the box and come up peace-building solutions hereby developing their life skills and character.
  • We pledge to support the #iwill campaign by inviting its ambassadors to collaborate with international policy makers, lawyers and UN officials as well as other youth organisations to achieve the common goal of peace.
  • We pledge to gather and mobilise young people to raise awareness and support solutions to end global conflict. Our vision is unity amongst young people that transcends boundaries, race and religion, which exemplifies the double benefit of youth social action.
  • We pledge to encourage and support young people in developing peace projects in their local communities.

One of our key initiatives at present is to support a new international law for the cessation of war. This is a legal instrument that has been established by a team of legal experts from around the world in accordance with the United Nations Charter. This has been done with the support of heads of state and chief justices from various countries and members of the UN International Law Commission.

Young people are organising signing campaigns in their local communities to support the law. So far, 547,000 signatures were gathered in 159 countries.

Our goal is to encourage 20,000 young people in the UK to participate in the signing campaign.


Quote from Lauren Robertshaw, young volunteer based in Brighton

“My local community is very diverse with friends and neighbours from different ethnic background I really wanted to participate in a project that allowed me to expand my international views and make an impact”