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First Give

First Give

  • First Give pledges to ignite the social consciences of 30,000 secondary school students this year.
  • First Give will engage young people with social action through a philanthropy education programme that engages entire secondary school year groups who advocate for and directly support local charities
  • The programme encourages young people to develop stronger links with their community, to develop their professional skills and to understand why charities need young people to ‘Step Up to Serve’.

First Give has achieved its pledge of engaging over 10,000 young people in youth social action. In the process we have granted over ?85,000 to 171 charities and young people have advocated for over 400 charities at School Finals, attended by over 3,500 community members.


Quote from First Give
“We have learnt that one doesn’t need to donate money to help a charity. We can volunteer, be more sensitive and careful and we’re already helping”