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Challengers is committed to encouraging young people to become involved in social action and giving them the confidence they need to support their communities.  We will do this by generating some exciting fundraising ideas for young people to get involved with and encouraging young people to join Team Challengers and gain essential life skills as well as meeting and amazing group of children and young people.

We Will;

  • Promote a range of ways to volunteer, campaign and fundraise for young people by attending schools, colleges and university events, conducting assemblies and giving talks about our charity.
  • Grow the number of young volunteers and volunteering hours contributed by young people within our organisation
  • Pledge to provide good quality training and experience for the young people that volunteer their time to us.

In the first 4 months of 2017 we have 75 young volunteers helping on our schemes, increased by 30% on last year.
The number of hours given by our young volunteers is also up by 28% compared with the same time last year.
We have visited 13 schools and colleges to spread the word about how young people can volunteer or engage in fundraising for Challengers.
Over 90% of our volunteers say they find their role satisfying, rewarding and get a sense of achievement from the volunteer work they do.
80% of volunteers are happy with the role-related training given by Challengers. ( we would like to further improve on this)


Quote from Susanna Risbridger age 15, volunteer from one of our play schemes – Guildford Play
“You get to meet some amazing children who bring a smile to your face, whatever you’re feeling like. The staff are also lovely and really friendly; they give you lots of help when you first start volunteering and they help you settle in quickly. The whole environment is a fun and happy place to be. It’s very rewarding to be a volunteer at Challengers. :)”