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Getting Involved

Thanks so much for your interest in the #iwill campaign, there’s lots you can do to help your children get involved in helping others, and say #iwill:

  • You can encourage them to think about the problems they see in the world and how they might play a part in solving them
  • Why not volunteer for an organisation that supports young people to do good things – here are some examples
  • Support your child’s school to connect students with opportunities to make a difference in the community
  • You could also encourage your employer, or businesses you are connected with, to allow staff to volunteer to work with young people and build in references to volunteering as they recruit

These are just a few of the ways that you can say #iwill.

With support from people like you, volunteering and social action can become a normal part of life for young people as they grow up in the UK. By getting your family involved you’ll be helping others AND enabling your children to develop key strengths and skills to help them become happy, successful adults.

To find out more visit, sign-up to the #iwill newsletter and follow @iwill_campaign on social media.


#iwill campaign goals are supported by the #iwill Fund, which is made possible by joint funding from the government, and Big Lottery Fund thanks to National Lottery players.

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Aside from gathering support from individuals, #iwill has generated pledges from influential partner organisations. You can see who these 700+ campaign partners are here.